300 FOLLOWERS! – Thank you from a new blogger 02!

When I started putting WERK into blogging in January, I had no idea I would be celebrating 300 followers so soon!

I guess I just want to say thank you to every one of the people that follow me! Especially the ones who take the time out to interact with me and get to know me more via my blog and Instagram page!

Blogging has changed my life in a few small but significant ways…

  • I make more effort with my appearance.
  • I have something to aspire towards.
  • I have learnt so much! (And not just about makeup!)
  • I have become more confident.

Significant because I am happier because of it!

300 Followers May seem small to some, but I was sat looking at 0 not so long ago so it feels great!

This has been the start of my journey into being more me and caring a lot less about what other people might think!

So I am going to share a sick quote with you (that my Husband shared with me) that has really helped me along in this process.

So next time you tell someone you want to make a living from blogging and they turn their nose up. Give them the middle finger and mic drop this quote on their lap.

Or just think it in your head, y’know, whatever’s best at the time!

And on that note…

I would love to hear from you guys!

If you could take a few moments it would be awesome if you could paste these questions in the comments and answer them and I will be sure to get back to you, and visit your blog of course!

  1. How has blogging changed you?
  2. What has kept you motivated on your journey?
  3. Has it been what you expected?
  4. Is it something you wish to continue?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lots of Love


Fashion Finds: Vogue Rebel

Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

I’m back today with another fashion finds post! For my new visitors, what that means is that I’ve prowled the Internet in search of a beaut outfit that I would 100% wear. Too bad money doesn’t grow on trees right!?

This outfit is just feminine and fierce. The elegance of vogue and the ripped skirt contrast each other perfectly. In my opinion of course!

What do you think?

You could 100% rock this outfit with some plain white pumps too! You can find product links below:

Denim Skirt

Vogue Tee


If you liked today’s blog post, let me know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to see more!

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Blog Collaboration? Q+A with one of my followers!

Hey my lovely followers!

So I’ve noticed a reducing amount of people getting involved with my Sunday shoutouts so I decided to change it up a bit and make it a little more interesting!

I thought this Sunday I would do a collaboration post with one of my followers, interview style!

There will be questions about your blog, your life, love, hobbies and lifestyle!

Would you enjoy taking part in this?

If you would like to join in then let me know in the comments below and I will be in touch with one of you with my interview questions!

Lots of Love


MAKEUP MONDAY 04: Fruit Salad

HEYYYYY TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS! And hey if you’re new to my blog! I am feeling super happy this week and I think it is because for what seems like the first time in my life, everything is falling into place!

Today I introduce my fruit salad makeup look. And I’m not talking about a bowl of healthy treats, I’m talking about these sweets of course:

So if you didn’t know, now ya know! And if you did know, how good do the taste 😍!

This makeup makes me happy, because it’s vibrant, it matches my complexion, it’s warm and it reminds me of sugar so ya know winning all round! Did you notice my lips are two different shades? It’s pretty funny because to create the bottom shade I used some of the orange eyeshadow over the lipstick I had on πŸ˜‚! I didn’t have the shade I wanted in an actual lipstick and I’m so happy with it because it made the original lipstick into more of a matte finish which is beaut!

I used this Makeup Revolution Palette on my eyes. I literally love their makeup range because having a makeup hobby can actually become really expensive. So I just think they are wonderful to charge so little for products that are so good! Here are the shades I used:

I just love these colours as you can probably tell because I’ve done a similar look in one of my other makeup Monday posts!

I really enjoyed creating this look and sharing it with you guys so let me know what you think of it?

Have you ever done anything weird like putting eyeshadow on your lips? πŸ‘€ Let me know!

If you’re thinking of following then please do! It means so much to me as I am working on making this my part time job!

If you haven’t seen enough of me already then hit me up on Instagram too! : @lollyhm.fashion

Lots of Love


SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: Foundations and Fairytales

This week I my Sunday Shoutout post is dedicated to Foundations and Fairytales by Jess.

She is 22 and a lover of makeup, books and Disney, which is a pretty awesome combination that you don’t see too often!

Jess’s blog stole my heart because the way she writes is so open and honest. She is 100% herself and has no problem telling you that THE LITTLE MERMAID IS HER FAVOURITE DISNEY FILM AND ALWAYS WILL BE!

I really like the blog post about her eyeshadow palette collection because it actually shows a great comparison between high end and high street eyeshadow brands.

Here’s one of her beaut photographs from this post :

So if you’re into these topics, or even if you’re not, head over and have a mooch, because it’s awesome to get to know our fellow bloggers and it’s great that we all have slightly different interests!

Well! I hope you enjoyed this weeks shoutout and a big thank you to Jess for submitting her blog!

If you would like to be involved in the next Shoutout then paste your link on Wednesdays submission post and I will be sure to have a nosey around your blog!

Lots of Love


New Layout! What do you think?

Happy Tuesday bloggers!

So I am really excited because I had a blog upgrade! Which means no more annoying ads on my blog posts, and more importantly a snazzy new layout!

I am much happier with the overall design and feel that the categories are more up to date and accessible! It just makes me feel that I am one step closer to being a professional blogger!

The mobile version looks a lot better too!

What do you think can you see the difference ?

Lots of Love


SUNDAY SHOUTOUT 03: Imperfect Beauty

Happy Sunday everyone!

It is the day of the shoutout! And today I will be introducing you to the beautiful Catherine and her blog Imperfect Beauty!

Catherine is a relatively new blogger, yet you can hardly tell as her blog and posts look so professional! I love the simplicity of the layout and the clean look of the overall design.

She is 24 years young and is a lover of all things , makeup! She also writes about fashion and lifestyle so she’s a beauty and style all rounder πŸ˜‰! Her posts are jam packed with information and stunning images that just want to make you keep reading!

Catherine is very generous with her knowledge of blogging and is always happy to share tips and advice on how to be a better blogger! So I’m really loving this post on How to improve your blog posts without spending any money.

I know that a lot of my followers are into makeup and fashion just like me so make sure you head over and have a browse, you won’t be disappointed!

Lots of Love


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SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: Post your blog link πŸ’‹!

It is that time of the week again where I ask my wonderful followers to link their blog in the comments below to be in with a chance of getting a whole blog post dedicated to them on Sunday!

I’m having so much fun looking through all of your blogs and I hope you are also taking the time out to view the other submissions as it’s likely you’ll have something in common!

This will be my third shoutout and I thought it would be a good time to let ya’ll know some ways you can increase your chances of getting one!

  • FOLLOW MY BLOG – I mention it each time folks! These shoutouts are for my followers only, so if you want to take part do the right thing and play by the rules!
  • POST REGULARLY – If you post your link and you’re not an active blogger it is likely I won’t shout you out! This is because I don’t believe that you should expect to gain followers if you are not bringing blog posts to the table. If I visit your page and there is no content I don’t have much to go by! I love seeing bloggers putting passion into their blog! Even if it’s one post every two weeks, if I can see passion and effort it leaves me with a good impression!
  • WRITE AN ABOUT ME PAGE – I absolutely LOVE reading your ‘about me’ pages it’s a good way for me to find out what you’re passionate about, and what kinds of messages you’re trying to get across to your readers!

So! If you would like to be a part of Shoutout Sunday, post your link down below and I will visit each and every one of you!

Thank you! β™₯️

Lots of Love


Sunday Shoutout- Post your blog link!

Hey folks!

It’s that time of the week again when I ask my lovely followers to post their link down below! I will choose one blog to dedicate a blog post to on Sunday! Hence ‘Sunday Shoutout’… This post will of course include a link to their blog, what they are about, and why I love what they do!

I think that the best way of doing this is by looking at the blogs of my followers who would like me to feature them on Sundays post! (Don’t want to be doing anything without permission here! πŸ˜…) Some of the entrants were not following me when I checked last week! This is something I’m doing for my followers only, so if you’re not following, I’m not going to choose you!

If you would like to be featured on Sunday please post your blog link in the comments!

I received lots of love and support when I started my blog, without it I would be far less motivated to post each day! So I feel like it’s important to encourage and motivate our peers in our blogging quests!

I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some links posted below! 😘 Check out some of the other links too! You might come across another blog you’re interested in! And of course if you’re new to my blog then please to hit that follow button!

Lots of Love