DIY: Body Lava πŸ€©

Hey everyone!

If you’re anything like me, then you love a highlighter, and you’d also love a body lava if you could afford one πŸ˜’!

So I came across such a simple hack on the internet that I just had to try it for myself! (Would love to insert credit here but I saw the video on Facebook and can’t seem to find it again!) So today I’m going to show you how to create your very own two ingredient body lava!

First you will need a small container, it doesn’t really matter what you use for this part it’s just down to preference! I used an old perfume refill bottle for mine!

I filled this bottle with my main ingredient: Baby Oil!

Once I was happy, I picked out a highlighter powder that I wouldn’t mind scraping a little, because this is what you will be adding to your baby oil! I chose my beaut Primark Highlighter palette!

I used the shade glimmer first as you can see by the scrapes haha! I also used the rest of the shades but in a much smaller quantity!

When you’ve finished your scraping, carefully add the mix to your container!


And you should end up with something that looks like this:

How much highlight and what shades you use are completely down to you, it’s your lava so play around with it and see what you think!

My advice would be to start off with a smaller amount of highlight powder, mix it with the oil and then add more until you are happy with the glow it produces!

Here is a video of me pouring it on my skin 😍!

I am in love!

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Sunday Shoutout: Beauty Q&A! Submit your beauty blog!

Good Morning blogging world!

I kinda like to switch it up with my Sunday Shoutout posts because apparently I get bored easily and I like to try different things to keep my followers engaged!

So this Sunday, I will be shouting out a beauty blogger and I will tailor my Q+A accordingly by asking beauty related questions!

  1. This is a fun way to share beauty tips and tricks.
  2. Great to show off your favourite brands.
  3. And I like getting to know you guys a little more!

Does this sound like a bit of you?

If so let me know by posting your link in the comment below and your Instagram or Twitter @ and I will be sure to contact one of you to take part!

Of course you have to be following me to be considered for the Shoutout!

Can’t wait to see your submissions!

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Makeup Monday 09: Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Look

Happy Monday bloggers! + My non blogging readers of course!

I went on a little bit of a makeup spending spree over the weekend and as you saw by my Primark Beauty Haul Post! I like to keep my spends cost effective because as you can imagine makeup can be an expensive habit!

I actually got sucked into a stunning Kiko Cosmetics shop where a single eyeshadow will set you back Β£5.90! The price was reflected in the quality of the makeup, the pigment and texture was out of this world! But if you’re on a budget, luxury has to wait! I will be back though 😏!

Anyway… I picked up this beautiful Revolution Pro Palette for Β£8!


I love all of these shades and will post a swatch pic at some point on my Instagram

So today it’s only right that I show you an eyeshadow look I created using this palette!

I used shades, Riches, Personal and Discrepancy 😍! I only managed to take a few selfies before we went out so sorry you can’t see the whole eye but I think you get the picture 😏. Here’s a video too…

Who do I think I am haha! Peep the matte lip gloss too from my Primark Nude Lip Kit for Β£3! I think I killed it this month with the bargain buys to be honest!

Let me know what you think!

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Primark Beauty Haul πŸ’„

We all know how easy it is to get sucked into the hype surrounding luxury makeup brands πŸ™„! But today I was determined to rise above labels and head on into my nearest Primark store to see what budget beauty items I could find!

I was so surprised with some of the BOMB things I found! So I put together a lil blog post to show you guys what I bought!

I will be reviewing all of the items in more detail in future posts so look out for those if you wish to see swatches and try on! So, let’s get to it!..

1: Get Lippy Matte Lip Kit

Shade: Flutter Price: Β£3.00

First of all, what a price for a matte gloss and liner! I quickly tried it out and I love it! I don’t own any other matte glosses though so I don’t have much to compare with! I will 100% show you guys another day because I look rough as hell right now!

2: Eye Candy Metallic Eye Kit

Shade: Bronze Price: Β£3

This kit looks super gorgeous and it comes with a metallic eyeshadow cream, a matching eye pencil and a precision applicator!

3: Stay All Day, Gel liner.

Colour: Black Price: Β£1

So this item was reduced from Β£2 and I have actually ran out of my liquid liner so for Β£1 I just had to buy it! I love the way the applicator is attached to the lid too!

4: Pure Glow Highlighting Palette

Price: Β£5

Apparently I can’t resist a highlighter because I couldn’t resist buying some today when I don’t actually need one. I also got over excited and did a swatch so here you go..

From left to right is, Desert, Glimmer, Eden and Firefly. They are amazingly pigmented for the price and I definitely think they could double as eyeshadow!

5: Skin Frost Iridescent glow stick.

Price: Β£3

This little beauty glows like the packaging so I am really keen to see how I can apply it to my skin!

6: vLuxe Mink Inspired Lash

Style: Gala Price: Β£6

I mean, say no more these are hands down the most amazing lashes I’ve seen for Β£6! Like for real, the volume and quality is gorgeous! So I bought two packs! I am so excited to try these out tomorrow!

7: Nudes Stick on Nails

Price: Β£2:50

Yeah so I grabbed these because they look beaut!

The total price for my beauty haul from Primark came to: Β£29.50. Which as you know is amazing because you can pay that price and much more for just ONE high end product!

Super excited to try all of this for real!

I was also hoping to buy some foundation or concealer but unfortunately there were no colours anywhere near the shade I needed. They were all way too dark. The foundations had sold and the concealer, although labelled ivory, the sticks definitely looked more ‘soft beige’ to me! So I passed on that part of the experience!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Makeup Monday 07: Glitter Beauty

Good Morning Everyone! I hope your bank holiday is just fabulous!

It is Makeup Monday none the less and today I wanted to show you a glitter look I created!

I wanted to use glitter in an elegant and sassy way so I hope that comes across. I have been working hard on my precision with eyeshadow and also the highlight between my brow and eyelid and I can see some good progress in these photographs!

I blended from pink to gold using the pressed glitter from my Jolie Beauty Palette

I got loads of compliments on both how I looked and the skill of it so yeah 😏 feeling pretty snazzy what can I say!

Let me know what you think of this look!

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Fashion Finds: Vogue Rebel

Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

I’m back today with another fashion finds post! For my new visitors, what that means is that I’ve prowled the Internet in search of a beaut outfit that I would 100% wear. Too bad money doesn’t grow on trees right!?

This outfit is just feminine and fierce. The elegance of vogue and the ripped skirt contrast each other perfectly. In my opinion of course!

What do you think?

You could 100% rock this outfit with some plain white pumps too! You can find product links below:

Denim Skirt

Vogue Tee


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MAKEUP MONDAY 05: The beauty of eyeshadow.

Hey hey my beauty babes!

I am literally buzzing about this post because I feel like I am on my way to mastering eyeshadow! I am no pro of course and to be honest I am lacking some serious tools and brushes in the beauty department. My collection is close to basic in terms of blenders and applicators.

That just make me more pleased that I was able to create this makeup look yesterday!

I have first blended orange and pink tones into the upper eyelid, before cut creasing THE HELL out of it with some concealer. I then applied some blue tones over the concealed area gradually getting lighter towards the middle. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this so I was super happy with how I did!

I also have a brand new appreciation for the skill that goes into makeup artistry and I hope I will be as good as some of the MUA’s I admire one day!

I kept it nude with the lipstick and added some matching lip gloss to give me a little shine. I obviously had to throw on a blue dress to match!

Of course as there is with anything, I can see room for improvement. But for my first full attempt I think it went surprisingly well!

What do you think of this weeks makeup Monday?

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My Beauty Wish List πŸŒ 

Honestly, no matter how much makeup you have, there is always room for more.

That being said I don’t have much makeup! I have a few bits and pieces I have collected over the years. But I suppose I have only recently started becoming more interested in the technicality of makeup and the tools and products that you can use to enhance your skills!

Some of you will look at this photograph and think wow that’s a lot of makeup. But the real beautyholics will know. This is nothing haha!

So I decided to put together a list of items on this blog post, that I really really want! Mainly so I can refer back when I have some extra Β£’s in the bank and actually buy some of them!

1: Tarte Cosmetics Mermaid Palette Β£37

Need I say more? Mermaid shades in a mermaid case? Yes please!

2: Tarte Cosmetics Mermaid Sequins Β£9

I am really wanting to do a sequin makeup look and these sequins would go perfect with the Tarte mermaid palette above!

3: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Β£56

I have heard so many good things about the quality and the pigment of the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes. The only thing that puts me off is the packaging LOL no offence! I would just rather it be a neat print or plain than someone’s actual face! It’s a pretty perfect face, but I don’t want it looking at me none the less πŸ˜‚πŸ™„!

4: Elf Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault Β£55

How beautiful 😻, what’s not to love! The shades, the gold, the quantity! Each lipstick will cost you Β£5.50 when buying this set, which I think is a really fair price.

I could carry on forever but that would just be boring! It would be great if you beautiful ladies could let me know if you have any of these products and what you think of them! Also, what’s on your Beauty wish list?

Lots of Love


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MAKEUP MONDAY 04: Fruit Salad

HEYYYYY TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS! And hey if you’re new to my blog! I am feeling super happy this week and I think it is because for what seems like the first time in my life, everything is falling into place!

Today I introduce my fruit salad makeup look. And I’m not talking about a bowl of healthy treats, I’m talking about these sweets of course:

So if you didn’t know, now ya know! And if you did know, how good do the taste 😍!

This makeup makes me happy, because it’s vibrant, it matches my complexion, it’s warm and it reminds me of sugar so ya know winning all round! Did you notice my lips are two different shades? It’s pretty funny because to create the bottom shade I used some of the orange eyeshadow over the lipstick I had on πŸ˜‚! I didn’t have the shade I wanted in an actual lipstick and I’m so happy with it because it made the original lipstick into more of a matte finish which is beaut!

I used this Makeup Revolution Palette on my eyes. I literally love their makeup range because having a makeup hobby can actually become really expensive. So I just think they are wonderful to charge so little for products that are so good! Here are the shades I used:

I just love these colours as you can probably tell because I’ve done a similar look in one of my other makeup Monday posts!

I really enjoyed creating this look and sharing it with you guys so let me know what you think of it?

Have you ever done anything weird like putting eyeshadow on your lips? πŸ‘€ Let me know!

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SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: Foundations and Fairytales

This week I my Sunday Shoutout post is dedicated to Foundations and Fairytales by Jess.

She is 22 and a lover of makeup, books and Disney, which is a pretty awesome combination that you don’t see too often!

Jess’s blog stole my heart because the way she writes is so open and honest. She is 100% herself and has no problem telling you that THE LITTLE MERMAID IS HER FAVOURITE DISNEY FILM AND ALWAYS WILL BE!

I really like the blog post about her eyeshadow palette collection because it actually shows a great comparison between high end and high street eyeshadow brands.

Here’s one of her beaut photographs from this post :

So if you’re into these topics, or even if you’re not, head over and have a mooch, because it’s awesome to get to know our fellow bloggers and it’s great that we all have slightly different interests!

Well! I hope you enjoyed this weeks shoutout and a big thank you to Jess for submitting her blog!

If you would like to be involved in the next Shoutout then paste your link on Wednesdays submission post and I will be sure to have a nosey around your blog!

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