Ok guys, you can thank me later. I have found the best highlighter ever!

It is the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter- Bronze Gold, for only £6! Now, compared to some liquid highlighters on the market, this is an amazing price!

Isn’t she beautiful 😍! There is an easy one drop applicator inside but I have found I haven’t had to use it as there is enough liquid on the outside of the applicator already for my intended use, which is to highlight my face after foundation. You can add this highlighter to your moisturiser or foundation if you want an all over glow.

I can’t think of any bad points about this product. It is beautiful, silky and an amazing price!

I have highlighted my cheek bone here to show you how it looks! Im not able to compare it to a more up-market highlighter as I refuse to spend that much money to be honest. I’m glad I didn’t because this one is perfect and you can find it here!

Is it weird to wear your wedding dress twice?

My wedding day was absolutely amazing! It was beautiful and romantic, and I got to see lots of people of whom I don’t get to see all that much in my day to day life! That meant that I really wanted to soak up the good conversations and time spent enjoying the day, caring a little less about what the cake looked like and more about soaking up the love that surrounded me.

I had planned to wear my wedding dress until I went to bed, however I had only ever tried it on standing up and I realised at our wedding breakfast that I couldn’t actually sit down! I could get most of the way down but there was one last inch before I could comfortably sit on the chair haha! Apparently I chose fashion over common sense, but I lasted until 8PM (after the first dance) before I dashed off to change.

We got some absolutely beautiful photographs, thanks to the father of the groom (who was also our photographer) and we didn’t spend that much time taking them either!

So why wear the dress again?

I realised after I got all of the photos back, there was just one missing. It was a photograph of the back of my dress. Which I must admit I really did love. It may seem silly but I felt really quite sad that I wore such a beautiful dress, and would only have one half of it documented. I hadn’t thought to ask at the time and I really kicked myself for it.

I tried to think of possible ways of wearing it again without looking ‘crazy’ or like I wanted to keep reminding everyone of my recent trip down wifey lane. I kept telling myself off for being bothered about something so trivial. Then something happened…

It snowed!

The most snow I have seen in years in the West Midlands. I gazed out of the window for hours and I realised… This is the perfect day to get the photograph that’s missing! Again my mind flooded with, what if I look weird or crazy? What if people think I’m going to try and re-live the wedding day again for the rest of my life?!!!

Then I actually thought about it.

Why on earth should I feel bad about wearing MY wedding dress again? Why should anyone else’s opinion matter? And really, why would they care if I fancy prancing around in my wedding dress in the snow? That dress cost a hell of a lot, and if I want to get my moneys worth then I’m sure that’s my business! Am I right?!… I am so glad I did it!

I LOVE the photos! Thanks Mr Hemming-Marsh! I am so pleased that I broke through that familiar restriction of ‘what will people think’. I’ve decided that from now on if I’m worried about doing something that isn’t hurting anyone and is morally acceptable, I’m just going to go for it!

I would advise anyone reading to do the same! ✌🏻

A Letter to…

This is something I have been thinking about doing for a while. I’m interested to see what responses I get. If you take part try to talk From your heart and be free with your words!


1: Write a letter to someone, anyone you choose about anything that you would like to say to them. It can be positive, negative or neither!

2: Write a short response as to why you chose that person and why you wrote what you did.

3: Email this to: Titled: A Letter To


You can only write to one person.

Letter length should be no longer than one side of A4 but can be as short as once sentence.

You can write free hand and photograph your letter, you can type it up on a word document or simply write it in the email it is entirely up to you!

If you wish for your Letter not to be published on this blog or anywhere else please state so in the email.

If you would like to remain anonymous please state so in the email.

You do not have to use any names in your letter. Examples below:

To G,

This is my Letter to you,

From A

Dear Father,

This is my Letter to you, 

From your Daughter

If you have any questions please email me!



Your new brow lady!

Ok so the best brow lady in the world happens to be my sister! She is the bomb.

She is Birmingham based and is qualified in the following:

– HD Brows

– Nouveau LVL Lashes

– Nouveau Eyelash Extensions

She also offers waxing, threading and tinting services!

Ok so you want some proof right? I grabbed some before and after images from her Instagram page @probrowbeauty ….

These are my beautiful eyelash extensions I had done for my hen night and wedding 😍!

Here is an example of HD Brows

It’s not just me who thinks she’s good either as you can see!

So If you or a friend are on the hunt for your very own brow lady, get in touch with her!

You can contact her via the instagram page mentioned above, or visit the website here!

The Magical Lantern Festival: Review

So! Last night Kieran, Hunter and I went to the Magical Lantern Festival in Kings Heath.

Quick Ratings:

Out of 10: 6

Would we go again: No

Would I recommend going? Yes

It was lovely and a good thing was that we got the tickets for £9 each from Groupon when normally they’re £12 each. Kids under 3 go free! I wouldn’t have paid full price, and now, having actually been I definitely wouldn’t have. LOL was it that bad? No it wasn’t, it was very nice but I’d be lying if I said it had all the impact of it’s name.

When you think about what a Festival is, you expect music, and entertainment I suppose. What it is, is a trail of light up statues? Is that what you would call them? They were very beautiful as you can see from the photographs, but I just feel they didn’t hit the mark on the entertainment factor. I feel that they could have added some magical music and maybe even a smoke machine and some people in costume. Am I asking for too much? I can’t tell haha! I wasn’t disappointed as such, but I did expect a little bit more. I would recommend visiting once!

The Food: They had a few nice food stands, with marshmallows, waffles, hot drinks, hot dogs, burgers and the like, and a Santa’s grotto! There were also a few small fairground rides for small children, which was again very nice but very dark and no music. I think the place was just lacking a bit of Christmas spirit!

It was most definitely something different though and I would recommend going once as the lights are beautiful!

It’s still on till the 1st of January. I would first search for a discount such as the one we found on Groupon before paying full price! There is on site parking for a fee of £3.

If you’d like more information click here!

An Honest Depiction of Parenthood

When my Husband and I first found out I was pregnant, we were absolutely over the moon. We found out on New Year’s Eve, so the news really did mark a new beginning and a different stage of our lives together. Our little boy was planned and we literally couldn’t be happier! All of the friends I told were really happy for me too and I was glad to share my excitement with people who cared.

However, the negativity I could see all around me was truly astonishing! My partner wanted to share his excitement with the world, too; however his happiness was often met with extremely negative comments… “wait till you’re getting up every hour of the night, you won’t be so excited then!” “You won’t be saying that when they’re constantly crying.” I thought it was absolutely awful. If my partner had said he had just bought a new fancy car, I can’t imagine anyone saying “wait till you see how much petrol it needs then” “wait till you crash and ruin it then.” It just doesn’t happen.

I scroll through Facebook and see countless posts titled “mother’s brutally honest depiction of parenthood,” and see images like this…

Yes, I understand you might argue, this is just a bit of fun Lauren, why are you taking it the wrong way! But these images are littered with negativity, and there are thousands of them! “I used to be cool and do cool things” is a very sad depiction of what being a parent is and, to be quite frank, who said you were cool before? It really annoys me to be honest when I see people blasting their children on Facebook, especially when there are families who didn’t get to hold their baby, or got to hold their little angel but never got to take them home. I am in no way saying being a parent is easy. Or that it isn’t tiring, and that people shouldn’t be honest about the struggles you face during parenthood. What I’m trying to say is that it isn’t JUST THAT. It is so much more!

Is this really true? Or ‘Honest’?

It’s a whole lot better waking up to your child than an alarm clock!

Being a parent is amazing!

You get to look at a miniature version of yourself or the one you love doing awesome stuff, every day! Like learning words and saying silly things that make you laugh until your belly hurts. You may have to wake up at 5AM every morning but as soon as you sit up and look at that child smiling back at you, the time of the morning disappears. First steps? I can’t even tell you of the pride you will feel. That little human has eyes as beautiful as the universe, and when they look at you and their eyes tell you they love you there is absolutely no greater feeling. That little human loves you so so much, and they think you are the coolest person on the planet!

If you knew you had just one more week to spend with your child, would you moan or curse? No, you would wake up each morning before them, just to watch them sleep. You would stop washing up and play with them a little longer. You’d fill their days with joy and they’d gladly return the favour. You would wish you could have a million more sleepless nights just to have them with you. You would laugh with them and you would cry at the thought of losing them. You wouldn’t want to be ‘cool’ like you were before you had them. Because they make you a better person.

Am I being dramatic?


But it’s something I really care about.

Deciding to become a parent is a huge, rewarding, tiring, amazing experience. Nothing worth having comes easy, and one day they will have lives all of their own, so let’s just appreciate the good times while they’re still our babies.

My new identity.

The 08/11/2017 was one of the best days of my life. It wasn’t THE best day of my life, because I’ve been lucky enough to have many amazing days, like finding out I was pregnant with my son! I don’t think you can have just one best day!

This day for Kieran and I, was about celebrating nearly 9 wonderful years together and shouting to the world that we’re in it for life. We have made it through some very difficult times together and even more brilliant times. I couldn’t believe he was the man I was meeting at the end of the aisle. I’m one lucky lady. If you don’t feel like that, even after years with one another, I would question whether you should be getting married at all!

I did not anticipate how life changing getting married really was! I realised quite quickly that tying the knot is more than just a man made construct. It was more than just a piece of gold on my finger. It was so much more than a pretty dress and one perfect day. I married my soul mate. I just checked into forever with THE most amazing person on the planet! Not only did I marry the love of my life. We created a new identity. We double barrelled our names to become the new Hemming-Marsh family. And let me tell you it is so refreshing! It seemed to both of us that with our new identity came the feeling of a new start. A new chance to evaluate what we want from our lives as individuals and a couple. Along with the feeling that all is right in the world because Mr and Mrs Hemming-Marsh are who we’ve always been. Two halves of a whole.

The majority of marriages (traditionally) include the bride changing her name to the grooms last name. I wondered what part this plays in the aftermath of identity in marriage. Does the lady feel fresh and new, while the male feels like he always has done. Or does the woman feel that she is fitting into someone else’s identity and leaving herself behind? For many women I can imagine it is a great honour to take their husbands last name. Lucky for me, the UK is pretty forward thinking in this department and we have more choice now. Whether it is the choice to change your name, or the choice to enter a same sex partnership.

It is wonderful being a wife. It is wonderful that we both felt we could make decisions that were right for us.

It’s a real sign of the times.