I have been thinking more recently that it would be pretty cool if I could think of blog theme for each day of the week! That way, my readers and I will know what to expect each day! I feel that this will add more structure to my posts and make me better prepared to absolutely nail it with my daily posts!

So I thought I would share with you some themes that I will be introducing soon!


Monday’s blog post will now become Makeup Monday. I will share my makeup look of the day! I have been experimenting with more colour eyeshadow and eye liner techniques lately, so I will be sharing my looks and how I created them!

Wednesdays will be for reviewing anything I see fit! My main categories will be makeup and skincare products but I will also be throwing in the odd review of something different too!

There’s no prizes for guessing what this day will involve! I have been doing lots of LOOKBOOK posts so it only seemed logical to have a specific day for them! These will include my look of the day, where I got it and how happy I am with the look haha!

This is one of my most exciting new categories! Well it is for me anyway! I am planning to shout out a different blogger every Sunday! Of course it will be one of my lovely followers. I am going to create another post on Sunday with a little bit more detail so look out for that one if you want a shout out!

I’ve got to say folks, I am really happy with how this blog is starting to shape up!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new themes! They will be slowly introduced over the coming weeks!

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Holla everyone! How has your day been? What have you been up to?

I’ve had a pretty casual day, not done anything that interesting. The weekly food shop isn’t going very well lately. We spend a lot but we don’t come back with much in terms of meals. This is something I’d like to change as I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle!

Anyhow, this is my outfit of the day!

Coat: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: EGO


Trousers: TopShop

I really like this outfit, I feel like the neutrals tie in together nicely and the floral shirt adds a bit of pizazz. Shoutout to my boots for being comfy and high 🙌🏻!

The coat is literally one of my favourite things! The colour and cut are divine and it comes with a waist belt to pull you in! This is the kind of coat that would look beautiful over a more sophisticated outfit. The fur collar is detachable so it is also extremely versatile!

Hope you like my outfit choice today! And if you enjoyed this post and think my blog is pretty neat then hit that follow button and I’ll drop by to say hello!

Lots of Love


LOOK BOOK 07: W h i t e

Hey hey everyone!

What do you think of this all white look?

I really feel like white makes my fair complexion look a little darker! I’m hitting the town next weekend so I’ve been trying on some outfits that are good for busting a few dance moves! Comfy flared bottoms are a win for a night out don’t you think?

What’s your go to colour?

Lots of Love


LOOK BOOK 06: Work Out

Like many of us, I want to get fit. I want to be more flexible, feel healthier and of course, look better.

Starting is the hard part.

I love my meat and two veg and I’m partial to a salad too, the problem is, I’m also partial to all the sweets, chocolate, cake and crisps you could get your hands on. Basically I like ALL food!

I do minimal exercise apart from running around after my one year old son, and I am really struggling to get the motivation to start! I’m aware I don’t have an awful figure and I’m not exactly looking to lose weight. But I REALLY want to be fit and healthy!

Do you see my problem!?

Today, to try and kickstart the start of a healthier, more active lifestyle I decided the best place to start was my outfit of the day!

I customised a men’s small tee from STR8ARM the new Calisthenics Apparel Brand!.. What I mean by customised is that I took the tee and cut it into a crop, I then rolled up the sleeves to create a better fit!

I’m hoping the ‘I’m an animal’ slogan will give me some motivation to start working out 💪🏻! I paired the crop with some black skinnies to match with the text. I’m pretty happy with it!

What do you think?

I decided it would be best for me to start by completing a small fitness challenge, something I could do relatively quickly every day to get that heart rate rising (other than my Husband LOL -sorry had to) and those fitness levels improving! I found some examples on the internet just in case I’ve inspired any of you to do the same!

I found these workouts relatively easily on Pinterest!

Let’s do this folks!

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Lots of Love


LOOK BOOK 05: The Little Black Dress

The ‘little black dress’ is such a classic look. This style started in 1926 when Coco Chanel used the colour in fashion. Before this time Black was really only used for mourning a death! All hail Chanel!

Whenever you’re struggling for something to wear, the LBD is always there for you! No matter the season, you can slip one on and feel instantly sassed up and ready to go!

Bought from: ORLATURA £20

I absolutely love this dress, it pulls you in in all the right places and the lace deep-v at the front really adds a special little detail.

This particular garment isn’t on sale any more so It got me thinking about what other types of beautiful LBD I could find on the market right now! Here’s three I picked out:

1: Pretty Little Thing- Ruched Bardot Bodycon

This is so dreamy 😍! Pretty Little thing have also took the time out to let is know this dress is perfect for an hourglass figure. The off the shoulder design really adds that feminine touch and £20 is a bargain!

2: Millie Modelli- Velvet Love Letter Midi – £48

Velvet makes you feel so luxurious! If you’re looking for comfort and style I would definitely go for this little number! The tie straps add something a little different to a classic body on.

3: Newer Than Now -Chloe Dress £38

The nude mesh torso and sleeves on this dress are so delicate compared to the, sharp hemmed cotton. I haven’t seen a dress quite like this before and I think it is gorgeous! The design gives all the style of a strapless dress without having to hoist it back up when it falls down, so top marks for that!

So there we have it!

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Lots of Love


Look Book 04: Plum Two Piece

What do you think of this look I put together?

This two piece from Pretty Little Thing is a beautiful plum shade, a warm colour for the colder months! This look would be perfect for a birthday party or night out with pals! I paired the outfit with my scrappy black heeled sandals!

I think the two piece design is always a good way to pull you in at the waist and the exposed midriff makes the outfit a little bit different when comparing it to a dress!

With my makeup I went for a brown and gold blend of eyeshadow, I also added a small amount of plum along the crease of my eyelid to tie in the outfit a little further! For the Lips I thought I’d give the look a colour pop with a deep red shade.

What do you think of this look? I’d love to hear your comments!

Lots of Love


LOOK BOOK 03: Bringing Sexy Back

Hey hey beauties!

So first off let’s tackle the title of this post. Yes I called it bringing sexy back! Why? Because why the hell not!.. The dress I’m about to talk to you about Is SEXAYYYY!

That doesn’t mean I think I look super sexy or want people to have sex with me when I wear this dress. To me, what it means is it’s a bit daring, sassy and sometimes reveals parts of your body you wouldn’t expect from a dress! It makes me FEEL sexy!

And here it is…

This is little black dress gone bad! As you can see the length is modestly sitting below the knee, however the tie detail at the side takes it to another level! Indeed making it a little less boring and a little more daring!

Because you can tighten and loosen the straps wherever you wish, you can really tailor this dress to your body shape, which I think is amazing!

I chose to pair this dress with a simple black sandal heel to fit in with the tie detail. With the hair I went for a slightly messy look to fit with the un-tamed dress!

What do you think of this look?

Would you wear this dress?

I would love to hear from you! And if you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to subscribe!

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3 Ways to stay motivated with blogging!

Hey there people!

For a few weeks now I have been focusing on things that make me happy in life. While doing this I realised that I would like to pursue my dream of being a blogger/instagram influencer.

I am on a roll with consistently blogging and producing content at a good rate on my Instagram page (@loleihm), so I wanted to share some of the things that help me to stay on the ball!

1: If you’re feeling de-motivated, have a shower.

If you wake up and immediately feel like you just want to laze around all day doing nothing but eating snacks and binge watching Netflix, have a shower! Wash your hair, pamper yourself and have a think about your blog topic for today… when you’re done, get dressed! When you do these things, you will feel fresh and ready to have a productive day! When I feel fresh and ready I get a lot more done. When I stay in my pyjamas all day it seems that I stay in sleep mode for the entirety of it, and if you have a busy schedule, every bit of free time counts!

2: Take advantage when you’re being productive!

If you are on a roll one morning and you’ve done your makeup, and you’ve picked your outfit of the day to blog about for example, don’t stop there! Take photos of your outfit, then change it, is there another style you want to blog about in the near future? Put it on and get the evidence so that when you have a busy day, you have your content ready to go! If you did your makeup, what products did you use? Is there a product you’d like to review? If so, get the evidence! This means that you already have multiple things to blog about from one morning and you have all the photographs to prove it. Then if you do have a pyjama day, you can still type away on your phone and get that blog posted!

3: Remember the reasons why you started!

When you’re feeling down In the dumps and you’re not getting the followers or readership you wanted, at the rate you expected, DO NOT QUIT! Remember the reasons why you started and focus on those! Make a list of reasons why you love blogging and remember that if you are consistent and pour genuine passion into your blog topic you will slowly build up a following of like minded people!

So! Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Are you a fashion blogger? Comment yours below!

Hey hey everyone!

I have only recently started blogging and instagramming my fashion. I think it’s quite important to get out there and interact with other people who are doing the same thing!

1: Because you can gain tons of inspiration from your peers, whether that’s fashion advice or simply how to take your fashion photographs effectively!

2: Because it’s great to talk to new people with the same interests.

3: Because they may be asking questions you can answer!

So with all that in mind…

If you run your own fashion blog, add it to the comments below and I’ll be sure to check it out and leave some comments myself!

Lots of love!